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In our relationships, we often start off feeling so in sync with each other. As time goes on, and day to day life sets in, that feeling can become less harmonious. It can go from feeling like partners, to feeling like roommates, or worse, strangers. Getting really clear on what you are seeking in your relationships, learning how to communicate those needs and desires, and learning how to hear each other can be transformative. When beginning coaching sessions, we will sit down together and discover what you and your partner(s) are wanting from your relationship, find the common ground, and then begin taking real life steps toward building the relationships you desire.

Juniper Life Coaching has experience working with all relationship styles, and is welcoming to all, regardless of sexual or gender orientation.


When your sweet, cuddly newborn turns into an older child or teen with opinions that do not mesh with your own, and they begin pushing for independence in ways that can be unpleasant and unnerving, it can help to have a neutral ear to help you sort out the message your child is trying to send. Children communicate in code, and figuring out your child’s code is key. I can help you learn communication styles that result in constructive understanding between parent and child.

Has your child recently come out to you as gay, non-binary, or trans and you are unsure how to process this information? First, know that it is important that you process your thoughts and emotions without including your child in your feelings. Depending on your background or beliefs, this can be a surprise to some parents, but how you behave toward your child will set the stage for the future of your relationship with them. Preserving your relationship with your child is the first priority. Juniper Life Coaching is here to coach you through embracing your child, even if you are confused about what their new information means, supplying you with resources and information, and helping you communicate in healthy ways.

Religious Trauma

For some people, the faith they were born into or acquired later in life begins to shift and the easy answers that religion provided are no longer serving their lives. When your beliefs shift or faith in your religion is lost altogether, it can be unnerving. The change in faith affects every area of life and can feel like learning to walk again. Whether you are in this process with a spouse or partner, or you are traveling this path on your own, having an experienced listening ear can help.

Juniper Life Coaching is welcoming of all faiths and does not seek to discredit or invalidate anyone’s beliefs. I am here to help you think critically and decide for yourself what you believe and how that fits into your day to day life.


Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself or your spouse is to thank them for their time in your life and let them go. Certainly, this is not a decision to enter into lightly. Whether you are in the beginning phase of figuring out how to make that change, if you are in the process of divorce already, or you find yourself on the other side and are starting to think about how you want your life to be, Juniper Life Coaching can help you find information, set goals, and implement a plan. Often, our family and friends mean well, but they may not have appropriate advice or share a useful perspective, and sometimes they become weary hearing the details of your divorce. We can help you get out of mental or emotional ruts that keep you stuck, whether that’s in the decision-making process or the legal process, so you can move forward into a future of your choosing.

Juniper Life Coaching does not provide legal advice, but rather, I aim to help you weigh choices you may be presented with based on your value system so that you can make informed decisions for yourself. You should always consult a lawyer if you have questions about family court legal proceedings.

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